Eucalyptus Bush Green/Grey 40cm

Sale price$19.95

Enjoy the beauty of greenery all year round and hassle-free with our artificial Eucalyptus Bush. With lifelike leaves in a captivating green-grey hue, this bush offers a stylish ode to nature that requires zero green thumbs. Thanks to modern technology, these leaves are so realistic, even Mother Nature might do a double-take. Plus, they're built to last, hypoallergenic, and low maintenance—no wilting or unpleasant odors. Just a quick dusting with a static feather duster keeps them looking fresh and vibrant. Whether adorning vases, creating lush arrangements, or simply adding a touch of green to your living room, this eucalyptus bush is your hassle-free ticket to elevated decor.

L 20cm W 20cm H 40cm
MATERIAL Plastic, Wire