Laundry Brush

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Pliable, robust bristles help to penetrate and break down stains without damaging your favourite clothing, bedding, or upholstery. Use on collars, cuffs, or anywhere stains occur. Safe for use on all fabric types. Apply a small amount of Everything Laundry Soap for pretreating washable fabrics and gently brush away the stain. Rinse and repeat if necessary. Make fighting stains easier: The larger shape with a unique ergonomic curved design strengthens the grip and increases the force, effectively removing stubborn stains without damaging the garment. Note: Please avoid soaking the Laundry Brush and always air-dry after using it. Small but useful: Size: Bristle Length: 15.24mm (0.6 in). This brush works great with a spot remover to scrub out stains. The soft white boar bristles don’t damage or pill fabrics as a stiffer brush might. Our stain brush gently works the detergent and stain remover deeply into the fabric fibres so the stain remover can do its work. The garment will be restored to look beautiful and clean, ready to wear for years to come. A must-have for parents with kids: Jam, mud, oil, and grass stains always appear on school uniforms, shirts, trousers, shoes, or other everyday clothing. Necessary for laundry: This brush is suitable for most fabrics – even delicate ones - It's an ideal pre-treatment tool for stains.